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Stylus \ Pen (37 produse)

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Stylus Pen Targus AMM165AMGL stylus pen 10 g Black

This incredibly slim and well balanced stylus has a seamlessly designed integrated pocket clip that is both sleek and functional; the Targus Stylus can go wherever you go, ready to be the extension of your hand and your creative partner as you...
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44,99 lei

Stylus Pen Targus AMM01AMGL stylus pen 20 g Black

The Targus Stylus makes it easy to take notes, draw or simply turn a page. The stylus features a durable rubber tip that won’t scratch the screen of your device and allows the user to type accurately and comfortably. The stylus engages directly...
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Stylus Pen Targus AMM173GL stylus pen Black

Write, draw, and scroll with ease using the Active Stylus for Chromebook™. With accurate tap selection and smooth scrolling, it’s the perfect accessory to get your work done.Write, draw, and scroll with ease using the Active Stylus for...
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